Remo Saraceni  is a Philadelphia based artist, designer, creator of interactive exhibits worldwide.

Within the United States, Remo Saraceni has played an integral part in the conceptualization, development and creation of the Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital. Larger works include the Kodak pavilion, Orlando, Epcot, Florida. Within South America alone, Remo Saraceni has designed unique exhibits for the following Museums: Papalote Museo de los Niños Mexico City, Mexico and the Museo de los Niños, Bogota, Columbia, Museo de los Niños Venezuela for which it is one of the founders and a new Museum of Ciencia Y Arte in Panama. He has been commissioned to create museum exhibits relating to subjects a varied as International Telecommunications to Biological Sciences and DNA as the fabric of life. Being mindful of the individual characteristics of each site and project, Remo Saraceni  is able to provide a unique perspective that is artistic, one of a kind and always captivating.  A blend of science, technology and Art are the basis of any work, which is produced.

Museum List

2022 / Pescara, Italy

Big Piano Musical Fountain The Inauguration Ceremony


Grand Opening - December 24th 2022

Big Piano Interactive fountain, made famous by the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks, becomes an identity feature of Pescara, a gift under the Christmas Tree for the whole community that will certainly appreciate and preserve it in time.  Thanks to “Big Piano” it's a place of colorful lights, music and water games.




2022 /Pescara, Italy

Big Piano Musical Fountain in Italy

Water games and musical notes and piano keys to play with your feet. Grand Opening of the Interactive Musical Fountain designed by Remo Saraceni  inspired by the famous Big Piano scheduled on Christmas Eve on December 24th 2022

Beautiful Light and Music Show from Remo's Big Piano Fountain

2017 /Hong Kong

Big Piano at the "Fashion Walk"

 Nov.9, 2017  Hong Kong.  "Fashion Walk" is proud to present the world’s longest and Hong Kong's first-ever seven-meter outdoor Big Piano.“Tune in to Christmas” campaign offers exciting collaborations with designers and artists to celebrate Christmas in style! Together with Remo Saraceni, creator of the original Big Piano from the classic Hollywood movie Big.

2017 /Washington, DC

Big Piano at the National Archives Museum Gala

The National Archives Foundation honored Hanks on October 21, 2017 for his work in helping tell America’s story by awarding him the Records of Achievement Award.

2016-2017 /Pilates on 5th Ave. New York

Big Piano at the Pilates on Fifth

From Pilates on Fifth's fitness experts and former Radio City Rockettes Katherine and Kimberly Corp comes the Big Piano class!This one-of-a-kind class improves agility, balance and mind/body coordination while participants tap out familiar songs like "Heart and Soul", "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", even Mozart and more. Harvard neurologist, Dr. Marie Pasinski calls it "...the perfect brain/body workout".

2016- 2017 /Miami Children's Museum

Music Makers Studio

Installed 14 musically interactive, color changing clouds that changes color creating a unique musical light show. The Symphony room where the complete orchestra is laid out through tiles on the floor.  From the strings to the woodwinds, from the brass to percussion. The Music Maker’s Studio feature MCM’s very own Big Piano.  Additionally in extending the music theme to more of the Museum, the main staircase is transformed into an interactive musical instrument playing a variety of notes and melodies as one goes up and down the stairs.         Link:   Music Maker Studio 

2016 -2017/Macy's  New York

BIG Piano at Macy's Herald Square

The piano made famous by Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia in the 1988 film 'Big' has found a new home at Macy's 34th Street store after FAO Schwarz shut down. Customers can come and play the piano at any time at its new home.


2015 /Baden Baden, Germany


Toccarion Kinder Musik Welt - THE INCREDIBLE CHILDREN'S MUSIC WORLD OF THE SIGMUND KIENER FOUNDATION, where children can explore the voice, song, rhythm, dance, musical instruments of the Orchestra featuring "Big Piano".


2005 /Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, Texas

Musical Stairs at the Museum

Invented by Remo Saraceni at the same era of the Big Piano ™, Musical Stairs was a successful exhibition since the public installation at PAPALOTE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, Mexico City 1989.

2004 /Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center   > Department of Pediatrics .  New York City

Interactive Wall

Healing Art Project

A 20-foot high Interactive Wall soars up to the skylight. It contains thousand of glass objects and kinetic sculptures activated by standing on the inlaid footprints set in the floor.

1999 / Mercy Children's Hospital of Kansas City

Outdoor Walking Piano

The Sybil Silkwood Nutter Playground at Mercy's Children Hospital features a giant Walking Piano(Big Piano) another engineering marvel from Remo Saraceni. Designed to operate in wind, rain, sun and snow  this  unique Walking Piano(Big Piano) allows for full accessibility for children, the handicapped and adults.

1995 / Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Interactive Universe

Healing Art Project

Remo Saraceni's Interactive installation of Musical clouds and planets in the main lobby of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia .


1982-2015 / F.A.O. Shchwarz New York City

Big Piano at F.A.O. Schwarz

Arguably the most famous piano, due to its memorable scene in the Tom Hanks movie Big (1988), “The Walking Piano” or “Big Piano” was created by Remo Saraceni and first installed in the toy store FAO Schwarz in New York City in 1982.

1988-1993 / Children's Museum Mexico

Interactive Musical Fountain

On Nov. 5, 1993  the city opened a spectacular new Children's Museum, featuring a five-story maze, a musical staircase designed by Remo Saraceni,  The formal name of the children's museum is Papalote. In Spanish it means "kite," but in the native Indian language of Nahuatl, it is the word for "butterfly." Among many other exhibits of the Museum  - Interactive musical fountain

1999-2001 /Children's Museum   Carson City, Nevada

Musical Hands

Waving hands to conduct the orchestra. "Musical Hands"- Interactive exhibits at the Children's Museum of Carson City, using motion sensors to pick up movement and transfer it to the electronics wired to different instrumental sound. The display above the podium lights up pictures of the instruments as they play.

1999/  Museo De Los Niños, Bogota, Colombia

Big Piano


One of the items  designed by Remo Saraceni  for the Children's Museum in Bogota, Colombia  was his iconic Big Piano Installation installation



1989/  Papalote - Museo De Los Niños, Mexico

Interactive Rainbow Tunnel

Interactive Rainbow Tunnels at the Papalote Children's Museum entrance. Each interactive Tunnel create beautiful effect when guests passing through.

1982-1989/  Museo De Los Niños, Mexico




Interactive Drum

Among various interactive items  designed by Remo Saraceni at the museum was an Interactive Drum installation were child can create a rhythmic melodies by stepping on the various percussion instrument images

1987/ Movie Set

Clouds® by Remo Saraceni

Featured in the movie "Mannequin"- a romantic comedy fantasy film starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall. Remo's Clouds are in the collections of major museums and featured in the Whitney Museums collection "High Styles: 100 years of American Design" along side other masters like Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehery.

1987/ Art EXPO. NYC

Lighting Design by Remo Saraceni

Remo's beautiful Interactive Light Fixtures featured at the Art EXPO in Javits Center NYC .  Remo's Clouds are in the collections of major museums and featured in the Whitney Museums collection "High Styles: 100 years of American Design" along side other masters like Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehery.

1989-1990 /The Franklin Institute    Philadelphia, PA

Solar Mobile sculpture

One of Remo's kinetic sculptures - Diffraction Grating Solar Mobile  was created for The Franklin Institute in 1989




1988 /Walking Piano

Movie "BIG"

Musical instrument, invented by Remo Saraceni 1982 , merging dance , music, and play, the Big Piano( Walking Piano)  became a hallmark in the major motion picture Big (1988), starring Tom Hanks.


1975- 1985 /Whitney Museum     American Art Collection

Clouds by Remo Saraceni

Light Fixture - "Long Cloud Wall Light" - Featured in Whitney Museum of American Art Collection.

High Styles: " Twentieth-Century American Design" book.First edition (September 1, 1985)

1983 / Epcot  Center , Walt Disney World

Anti Gravity Musical Fountain

Designed by Remo Saraceni Interactive Anti Gravity Musical Fountain at Epcot Center, Walt Disney World was a big attraction



1983 / Walt Disney World

Epcot Center

"The Journey Into Imagination, where Light and Sound spur creativityInteractive" Musical Light Exhibit and Interactive Musical Rainbow Tunnel, featured colored lights that followed the guests as they went through, with each guest getting a different color.

1983 /“Enchanté” Night Club,  Cherry Hill, NJ

Interactive Musical Clouds

Beautiful overhead lighting installation of over 30 Interactive Clouds, gradually changing colors and movement, Dancing Laser show and Interactive Light Tunnel designed by Remo Saraceni  in “Enchanté” Night Club, Cherry Hill, NJ.

1980 / Museo De Los Niños Caracas, Venezuela

"Arcoiris"  Tunnel

Interactive Musical Tunnel "Arcoiris" exhibit  at the Children's Museum in Caracas, Venezuela featured colored lights and melodic sound that followed the children as they went through the tunnel.



1976 / Civic Center Museum Philadelphia, PA

Interactive Musical Tunnel

DESIGN FOR FUN, Bicentenial

Interactive Musical Tunnel - Remo's installation at the Civic Center, Philadelphia.

1975 / Philadelphia, Pa

Interactive Light Switch

First Interactive light switch by Remo Saraceni patented. Occupancy sensor turns on and off by movement.  Lights turn on when you enter the room, and then turn off automatically after you leave, used in indoor spaces to control electric lighting.

1973 / ICA of  the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

World First Rainbow Tunnel

Remo's World First Rainbow Tunnel was first shown in 1973 at The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania (photo: Bob Indiana in Tunnel) , a preeminent venue for contemporary art and culture. It was featured in Remo Saraceni installations of “2000 AD - PROJECTION INTO THE FUTURE” celebrating the historic occasion - 10th Anniversary of ICA of the University of Pennsylvania.”


1971/ Springfield Shopping Mall in Delaware County

Interactive Fountain

Colorful fountain installation at the Springfield Shopping Mall and two models wearing Remo's futuristic unisex fashions - clothing changes color at night . This Interactive fountain is a large sculpture surrounded by four jets whose height and spray direction vary according to the velocity of the breezes, resulting in mobile effect and "dancing" shapes.


1970 / Civic Center Museum  Philadelphia, PA

Musical Daisy

Long before Big Piano(Walking Piano) it was a Musical Daisy. This sculpture built with eight petals, each a different note was designed by Remo Saraceni in 1968.  Musical Daisy would play a beautiful melodic sound activated by weight of the person walking or sitting on it. Exhibited  at the Civic Center Museum in Philadelphia, Pa.