December 25th, 2022  Pescara, Italy -  Grand Opening of the Musical Fountain inspired by the Big Piano, created by Remo Saraceni.

REMO_LOVE_Armory Philadelphia2019
REMO_LOVE_Armory Phila2019

2019 - The inaugural Philadelphia Fine Art Fair (PFAF) show featured elite galleries presenting significant contemporary art.

Miami Children's Museum presents Be a Kid Again Gala 'Color Your Imagination' on March 16, 2019 at Soho Studios in Miami, Fl

Miami Children's Museum presents Be a Kid Again Gala 'Color Your Imagination'- March 16, 2019 at Soho Studios in Miami, Florida

Trip to Costa Rica. Musical Stairs Installation at the "OXIGENO" .  November 2018          



Remo Saraceni at the OXÍGENO - Human Playground, San Jose,  Costa Rica.  November, 2018 - Installation of "Musical Stairs.
Oxigeno - the 200,000-plus square meter “human playground” will include 200 solar panels, and utilize a rainwater collection and irrigation system for its park featuring 200 types of native trees. In addition to leased commercial sites, the project envisions an “integrated, organic, and vibrant community that allows its visitors to experience a peaceful lifestyle, far from hectic daily routines and fosters a connection with nature.

Italy - 2018

Remo Saraceni and Mark Handley, Luciano Gallo  at BigPiano factory in Pescara Italy. Oct.2018

Remo Saraceni with Luciano Gallo testing electronics at BigPiano-Italy

Remo Saraceni at Big Piano/Italy

Remo Saraceni in Pescara, Italy . September- October 2018.


Flooring Company in Italy


October 2018.Pescara, Italy.    Remo Saraceni with Vittorio at Marble Company

May 7, 2018 , Philadelphia .  Association for Public Art - 146th Annual Meeting at Moore College of Art & Design. 
Remo Saraceni with Barbara Haskell,  an American art historian and a museum curator. She is currently a curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Love-2018 2

May 7, 2018 , Philadelphia .  Association for Public Art - 146th Annual Meeting at Moore College of Art & Design featuring guest speaker Barbara Haskell, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art for over 43 years. Haskell organized the Robert Indiana: Beyond Love exhibition at the Whitney in 2013

Big Piano on Fashion Walk_Hong Kong_Remo Saraceni
Big Piano on Fashion Walk_Hong Kong_Remo Saraceni2
Celebrity PHOTO4_Remo in HK_FWalk1
Hong Kong 2017_Remo-PR
Hong Kong 2017_RemoBP
Hong Kong 2017_RemoBPdancers
Celebrity PHOTO4_Remo in HK
Celebrity PHOTO4_Remo in HK1
Celebrity PHOTO4_Remo in HK2

November, 2017. Hong Kong. Big Piano and Remo Saraceni at the "Fashion Walk"

remo_WEB2_tom hanks1A
remo_WEB2_tom hanks3A
remo_WEB2_tom hanks2A
Celebrity PHOTO_Remo_TOM HANKS
Celebrity PHOTO_Remo2
Celebrity PHOTO_Remo3

October 24, 2017. Washington, D.C.  Remo Saraceni with Tom Hanks

Remo and Denis Volk -Italy
Big Piano by Remo Saraceni_ Denis Volk

2017  Pescara, Italy . Remo Saraceni and Denis Volk with his beautiful dancing partner .

Celebrity PHOTO_Remo8
Celebrity PHOTO_Remo_Pilates2
Pilates on 5th

2016  New York. Pilates on Fifth.

2016_Opening of Music Makers Studio at Miami Children's Museum
2017/ Miami Children's Museum. Melody Maker  installation
Remo under the clouds-MCM

2016   Miami Children's Museum. Opening of Music Makers Studio exhibit.

Remo at J_le_Parc show2
Remo at J_le_Parc show4
Remo at J_le_Parc show3
Remo at J_le_Parc show6
Remo at J_le_Parc show
Remo at J_le_Parc show5

2017 Miami.  Remo at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) "Form into Action " Exhibit - Julio Le Parc,  one of the central and influential figure in participatory kinetic art. In 1971 Remo Saraceni participated in extraordinary Art Show "Multiples" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, exhibiting his kinetic art with Julio Le Parc and many other legendary artists.


2017  Italy . Big Piano and  Remo Saraceni in Italy.

Celebrity_Dancing-with_the _Stars
remo_FAO Schwarz
Celebrity PHOTO_Remo93
1988 /Remo studio enterprise
1988 /Remo studio enterprise
Celebrities _BP-1
Celebrities _BP-3
Celebrities _BP-2