Remo Saraceni 1976 Bicenntenial, Bubble Machine-model_ Philadelphia
Philadelphia Bicentennial 1976
Bob Indiana Standing_before_LOVE_statue
Philadelphia Civic Center 1976, Design for Fun
Remo Saraceni 1976 Bicenntenial, Bubble Machine_ sculpture in Philadelphia

For the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration in Philadelphia Remo Saraceni designed twenty feet high, voice activated largest in the world Bubble Machine. It played a thirty second fragment of "Yankee Doodle" and spewed a fragile cloud of bubbles

A year packed with Bicentennial-themed events began on New Year’s Eve, 1976.
The week leading up to July 4 was named Freedom Week and featured even more daily celebrations, street parties, parades, picnics, and concerts.

On July 4, 1976, a ceremony on Independence Mall featured President Gerald Ford, Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp (1912-1994), and Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo, with actor Charlton Heston as the master of ceremonies. Following the ceremony a five-hour parade featured floats from every state and 40,000 marchers. An estimated two million visitors came to Philadelphia to attend these events. On July 6, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain visited and, with Prince Philip, presented a Bicentennial Bell made in the same foundry as the original Liberty Bell.

Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture was first brought to Philly in 1976 and displayed on loan as part of the big Bicentennial celebrations.

Bob Indiana_Remo Saraceni_1976_Standing_before_LOVE_statue

Remo Saraceni and Bob Indiana  - LOVE sculpture installation, Philadelphia, 1976

Remo played a significant role for Robert Indiana's "LOVE" sculpture to be installed for 1976 Bicentennial Celebration in the center city of Philadelphia

Remo and Bob met in 1965 at a Party throw by a collector, and quickly became friends, Remo visiting Bob's studio in the Bowery many times.

For the Bicentennial Remo, who was based in Philadelphia, used his local connection with the Rizzo administration - Al Gaudiosi - to persuade the city to lease for 1 year Bob's Iconic Sculpture, along side Remo's installations for the Bicentennial (Design for Fun at the Philadelphia Civic Center, etc.)

Remo chose the spot for "LOVE" in Kennedy Plaza, he fabricated the original plywood and stucco pedestal, and later the stainless steel stand.

When the city reneged on paying for the statue, Bob had Remo and his assistant removed the statue, prompting a quick reaction from the community and the payment from 76'rs owner F. Eugene “Fitz” Dixon. Brotherly Love City's iconic artwork, a beloved symbol of Philadelphia came back.

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Plexi-Star by Remo Saraceni installed on May 11, 1975,  Sponsored by Philadelphia'76,Inc. as an opening program of the city observance of the Nation's Bicentennial 

"The American Way," a large-scale celebration on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, sponsored by Philadelphia '76, Inc., and the City of Philadelphia.  It took place on May 11, 1975, to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the convening of the Second Continental Congress, and to serve as an opening event for the upcoming National Bicentennial.  The festival was, as described in the brochure, a kaleidoscope of music, dance, sports, arts & crafts, parades, concerts, ethnic foods, fireworks, and more.

THE_AMERICAN_WAY_1975 brochure
Remo Saraceni 1976 Bicenntenial_Philadelphia
Photos were taking by Remo Saraceni on May 11, 1975, Philadelphia
THE_AMERICAN_WAY_1975 Balloons

For " The American Way" Celebration Remo Saraceni designed two cylindrical Red, White and Blue balloons seventy-five feet high and five feet in diameter that float in the air twelve feet above the ground. They served as decorations in the vicinity of Logan Circle in Philadelphia.

Remo-Love_sculpture story

May 7, 2018, Philadelphia.  Association for Public Art - 146th Annual Meeting at Moore College of Art & Design featuring guest speaker Barbara Haskell, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art for over 43 years. Haskell organized the Robert Indiana: Beyond Love exhibition at the Whitney in 2013  ..........on the photo :Remo Saraceni and Barbara Haskell. May 7, 2018, Philadelphia


Remo Saraceni and Big "LOVE".   The Philadelphia Fine Art Fair (PFAF),    at the Armory . April 7, 2019 Philadelphia